By Benicia Lie


Craving that authentic English afternoon tea that everyone always speaks of after their trip in London? Well, there is no need to purchase that plane ticket to hop on a flight to Europe when we have various, exquisite tea shops in Southern California to satisfy your craving here.


First on the list is The Rose Tree Cottage, which is located in Pasadena, and features a cozy, ambient British afternoon tea experience that will entice your taste buds in a way never experienced. It is not just the dainty antiques tastefully decorated around the seating area or the delectable finger sandwiches and their special home-brewed tea that makes customers loyal fans, but it is the effort that the owners have poured their heart onto their establishment. The owners, Edmond and Mary Fry, painstakingly transformed a normal home into a serene tea shop that guests can enjoy an unforgettable experience. Their menu showcases their very own loose leaf English Village tea, a savory selection of scones, tasty Yorkshire pudding, and delicious desserts. It is these and the owners that keeps guests loyal fans of the establishment.


Next on the list is The Rose Garden Tea Room in the Huntington Garden Café which features a tea buffet-style British afternoon tea that offers scones and finger sandwiches from locally grown ingredients.  If one is looking for a classy, elegant afternoon tea experience, this Rose Garden Tea Room is the very definition of “classy and refined.” This aristocratic tea room demonstrates the historic tradition of afternoon tea with a pot of tea and scones. Afterwards, guests have an unlimited access to cheese, finger sandwiches, desserts, and more. This tea room offers an experience that is memorable, and can more than satisfy that craving.


Want a family-oriented afternoon tea experience that even children will enjoy? The T Room based in Glendale offers an afternoon tea service at a reasonable price for everyone.  This family-owned business is one that creates a cozy experience while offering a traditional English tea that is not only scrumptious, but will only have you craving for more. The afternoon tea features Lingonberry chicken, tarragon salad, Norwegian salmon finger sandwiches, and freshly baked scones. A freshly brewed pot of tea of your selection is served along with an assortment of fruits, petite desserts, and cookies. The T Room is definitely a must-visit tea shop in southern California.


The Langham afternoon tea is a tradition that began in 1865 when their first luxury hotel featuring afternoon tea opened in London. This is an afternoon tea experience that prides itself on tradition and luxury. This tea room, located in Pasadena, creates a tasteful and exquisite presentation that the ladies will surely enjoy. Their menu showcases their assortment of tea sandwiches, Devonshire scones, fruit tarts, macaroons, and some of their finest brewed tea for their guests to enjoy. The Lobby lounge where the afternoon tea is located at offers guests breathtaking views of the Horseshoe Garden and the city of Marino. Don’t miss out on a remarkable experience that you will surely enjoy.


Located at the heart of Malibu, the Getty Villa offers a “Tea by the Sea.”. Afternoon tea is served at the Founder’s room where guests relax with a Mediterranean-styled menu as they stroll through the carefully cultivated gardens of the Villa. It is a special experience that features herbs, vegetables, and fruits that are  grown in the Villa’s recreated first-century Roman gardens. Guests are served a basket of mouth-watering scones, various jams and clotted cream, and a selection of teas. Afterwards, with a three-tiered tray of savory goodies, guests contentedly take in the luscious views of the Roman gardens, the view of the ocean, and priceless artwork that surrounds them as they sip their tea under the rays of the sun.


Want an afternoon tea experience, but one that is not only affordable, but delectable as well? Next on the list is The Four Seasons Tea Room in downtown Sierra Madre that boasts a cozy, friendly tea experience at a reasonable price. Their traditional afternoon tea menu displays five finger sandwiches with hot tea, pumpkin cheesecake bite, lemon bar and their famous scone. If this menu does not suit your tastes, it is no problem as well for this establishment offers multiple varieties of afternoon tea based off the days of the week, and of course, their Royal afternoon tea menu that showcases their house salad. Guests can relax in the comfortable ambiance of the room as they talk to their friends, and enjoy a home styled afternoon tea.


Seventh of the list of must-see afternoon tea shops is the Penninsula at Beverly Hills which is the very definition of “grand and deliciousness” all wrapped into one.  This lavish tea shop takes the word “luxurious” to another level as guests relax in the lounge with a harpist playing in the background. Their menu showcases their traditional menu along with Imperial tea which includes a caviar carnape, and a Peninsula Page Boy cap cake to go. This tea shop has been known an exclusive oasis and revered for its afternoon tea for their guests.


Pacific Dining Car, while known for their famous steaks, also serves afternoon tea in the late afternoon. Guests are offered champagne or sherry assorted finger sandwiches before their order of a pot of organic tea. They boast a variety of organic teas such as organic pacific coast mint or organic sencha just to name a few. In addition, guests receive scones, petite fours, and a lemon cookie. Located in downtown LA, this is a great place to stop by if you want an experience that is convenient, and delicious as well.


Searching for a tea experience that focuses on exquisite quality tea? The Chado Tea Room is not only affordable, but innovative as well. Located in downtown LA, they feature a great selection of teas that does not focus only on British tea. No, this place offers over 300 different types of teas, a tier of finger sandwiches, scones, and a slice of cake for their guests. Rather than being consumed with the traditional traditions of afternoon tea, this place focuses on the quality of their tea, and the casual ambiance of their establishment. If you are in LA, and this is definitely a great place to stop by.


Finally, the Scarlet Tea Room based in Pasadena features a trendy tea shop that not only features their afternoon tea, but an assortment of entrees as well. Stroll down the alley looking at the stringed lights hanging above you as you head into the shop that not only looks modern, but casual as well. This establishment offers two different types of tea services: a 3-course Parisian tea ceremony and a 5-course scarlet tea ceremony.


Whether it is a cool, cloudy day, or you are simply craving the abroad experience of afternoon tea, there are multiple places for you to visit that promises an unforgettable experience!