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5 Best Southland Beaches to Visit in the FallFeatured

Summer in SoCal is the best time to go to the beach, which is why most are so crowded. But the fall is even better because the beaches are just as spectacular, but much less crowded. If you’re looking for a little piece of peace, be sure to visit these secluded pockets of heaven. Trestles beach, or just Trestles, is a mystery beach for sunbathers but a home to surfers. It’s divided into sections; Church, Middles, Lowers, Uppers and Cottons; depending on surfer skill level. Located in San Clemente, the beach is known for taking a while to get to but being one of the most gorgeous in the area. After parking, take a hike through brush and trees, under Interstate 5, over a small hill and a straight trail walk before reaching the beach. During the hike, you’re likely to run into beautiful views and some wildlife, so have your camera ready. http://funorangecountyparks.com/trestles-beach-walk.html Since Laguna is a hotspot for beachgoers, weekends are often overcrowded. With Wood’s Cove, skip the hordes of people all together. The rocks on the shore make the beach less popular because surfing is too dangerous, but the water is more turquoise and the beach is…

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10 Top SoCal Dog Parks and Beaches

Dog owners will reach new heights to give their dog the best opportunities possible. With these ten best dog parks and beaches in SoCal, Fifi will be the most athletic and social dog around.   The dog beach at Huntington Beach is one of the most popular dog destinations. Your pup can play in the sand, relax in the sun and swim or even surf in the ocean. The only cost is parking, but donations are also accepted. For more information, go to www.dogbeach.org   In San Diego, Nate’s Point is a 2.3-acre dog park. It has many trees for shade and includes picnic tables, water fountains and a double entry gate. The surrounding beautiful scenery feels like you’ve left San Diego for a mythical dog land. www.npdog.org/park.html   Country Kennels Dawg Water Park is one of the best ways you can help your dog cool off. It costs $12 for the first dog and $6 for the second, but is worth every penny. The park includes a pool, fake grass, hills and tunnels to give your dog the time of his/her life. Watch this video for a closer look: www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZfPolY85EqY   Carlsbad offers a newer dog park, with sections…

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A Vacation for Your Pet

Everyone wants to give his or her furry friend the best experience possible, but when a vacation or business trip arises, it can be hard to find a trustworthy pet boarding service. Fear not pet parents, here are five of the most luxurious pet services offered in Southern California.   Located slightly north of Burbank, Paradise Ranch aims to give your dog the most fun vacation possible. It is equipped with a signature water park, which includes swimming pools, waterfalls and water fountains; a courtyard and a slumber party style sleeping room. The ranch offers a multitude of services such as day care, overnight stays, grooming and even birthday parties. Priced at $74 for one night for one pet, the Paradise Ranch will give your pup the best service in the San Fernando Valley. Address: 10268 La Tuna Canyon Rd., San Fernando Valley www.paradiseranch.net   It’s the doggie Disneyland of SoCal: Canyon View Ranch provides many different “lands” for its residents, like Wonderland and Munchkinland. Nestled in the Topanga hills, above gorgeous Malibu, this ranch is home to 5 acres of pools, parks, tunnels and more, all to give your best friend the experience of a lifetime-and only for $70 per…

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Where to Stargaze in SoCal

Southern California is an ideal place to stargaze, but is more compelling in less populated areas, national parks or in cities that take initiative to minimize their use of outside light. Below are the five best places in SoCal to catch a glimpse of the Milky Way, constellations and a meteor shower or two.   Along route 154 and north of the Santa Ynez Mountains lies Cachuma Lake. It is known as a premier fishing destination due to its hidden location, but that also makes it ideal for stargazing. The Milky Way is definitely visible on clear nights, and made even better with the use of a  telescope. You can rent a cabin, bring tents or an RV or just stay for a few hours. For more details on the park: www.countyofsb.org/parks/cachuma.sbc.   For more of an adventure, stargaze in Anza-Borrego Desert State Park. Located in Borrego Springs, the park is designed for stargazers. Public lights and airports have adapted to give campers the ultimate sky experience, making it the first International Dark Sky Community in California. It will probably be hot, so be prepared. For more information: www.visitcalifornia.com/attraction/stargazing-anza-borrego-desert-state-park.   Stargaze at an unsuspecting location 45 minutes from Downtown Los Angeles known as Templin Highway. Being…

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