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Seafood Sanctuary

Water Grill Santa Monica Seafood lovers will be thrilled to know that Local California Spiny Lobster is in season beginning in October and spotlighted at Water Grill Santa Monica. Not only is the menu overflowing with fresh and delectable items from the sea, but dining at one of the Westside’s favorite hot spots multiplies the feasting experience. Located on bustling Ocean Avenue, Water Grill offers indoor and outdoor dining against the backdrop of Palm trees that line Palisades Park. Signature cocktails like the Maritime Mule or the Margarita Verde are the prelude to an evening filled with a hip ambiance,…

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Solace and Sustainability

Cuyama Buckhorn There’s a lot of chatter among SoCal travelers seeking “off the grid” destinations that are within driving range. Loosely defined, these are getaways that offer solitude and serenity—hotels and resorts that are far enough away from civilization but close enough to access when the urge to escape suddenly hits. In Southern California, one of these idyllic locations is the tiny town of New Cuyama, known as “The Hidden Valley of Enchantment,” approximately 2.5 hours from Los Angeles. The first hint of how remote this area truly is, can be detected early into the drive as travelers realize that…

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