By Jessi Soporito


Despite what you may believe, good cheesecake does extend the Cheesecake Factory in your local mall. Don’t play it safe and instead hit up one of your local bakeries for some of the best slices of heaven you can find. Here are some of the best cheesecake spots to settle your sweet tooth in SoCal.


Hidden in Inglewood, Harriet’s Cheesecakes Unlimited offers over 60 different flavors of cheesecake, like Kahlua, Citrus Cooler and Pumpkin Praline. The handcrafted, gourmet cakes is a family business, so you know you’re not only getting freshly baked cheesecakes, but state-of-the-art service along with it. Stop by, before a long line keeps you in the heat, and enjoy the wide variety of flavors Harriet’s has to offer.


Rocco’s Cheesecake, in Santa Monica, has more of a messy, home-like vibe to it. The pink walls, matched with plaid black and white table cloths, pair well with a 50’s theme of home cooking. Mr. Rocco may even be there to greet you himself, and offer some gluten free and vegan options as well as gourmet, exotic and black label cakes.


Based in San Diego, Extraordinary Desserts also offers vegan and gluten free options, but is more well-known for their beautiful flower-topped cakes and crème brûlées. Their decadently decorated desserts will leave you with a mouth-watering cheesecake tasting experience, a true cherry on top to the perfect day.


The Incredible Cheesecake Company is simply perfectly named. The small bakery features dozens of different cheesecake flavors, perfect for anyone looking to celebrate this tasty holiday. Take a slice and a cup of coffee to eat outside or even to go. The slices are huge and the taste is better; the Incredible Cheesecake Company is a MUST.


Lilac Pâtisserie in Santa Barbara is a gluten free heaven: all desserts here are made without gluten! The store is brightened with natural light and is kept up with a minimalistic, pastel decor, allowing the vibrant desserts to take center stage. The rich flavors will make you forget it is 100% gluten free!


Sherman’s Deli and Bakery has two locations, one in Palm Springs and the other in Palm Desert. While their main focus might not be desserts, their cheesecake has a tendency to steal the show. With traditional flavors like German chocolate and pumpkin, Sherman’s Deli is perfect for a no nonsense stop for authentic cheesecake. It’s the perfect stop to get the taste that you brain has been craving since the beginning of this article. You know you want cheesecake, and Sherman’s is the perfect place!


Whether you’re into extravagant flavors with luxurious plating, or a simple New York style cake, SoCal has the perfect slice of cheesecake heaven for you. Don’t discount the hole-in-the-wall shops, they might just be better than you think.