Flowers are blooming, trees are filled with new leaves, and the days are longer and warm which means summer is almost here. It’s time to find stop binge-watching the latest series and make more space for outdoor activities. Southern California is known for its blue skies and golden sands, but there’s nothing more exciting than doing water sports on its emerald waters.

Water sports are the perfect way to be active and stay cool. If you love being in the water but are tired of your backyard swimming pool, SoCal has limitless options. These water activities are for beginners, experts and those just looking to have a fun, memorable time. So put on your swimsuits and grab your friends and families.

Huntington Beach Surf Lessons

19881 Brookurst St., Suite C156

Huntington Beach 92646


If you’ve always wanted to surf but never learned how, Huntington Beach offers a wide range of lessons. Not only do they encourage children to get involved; they have something for all ages. Huntington Beach Surfing Lessons include private, semi-private, mini groups of three,  groups of four people, and larger groups for birthday parties. Expert surf instructors make it their mission to have everyone stand up on their boards, while having the most exciting, fun time.

SoCal Kitesurfing

69 Claremont Place

Long Beach 90803


Kiteboarding is an on and above-water sport with many different styles. At SoCal Kitesurfing and Kiteboarding, family and friends have an opportunity to glide above the waves. It is nothing short exhilarating. With Belmont Shore being the only beach in the Los Angeles area permitting kiteboarding lessons, the program is required to have safe and efficient methods. All instructors are IKO (International Kiteboarding Organization) certified.  They’ll join you in the water, provide the most valuable instruction, and make you feel safe and comfortable. Don’t worry about bringing your own gear as wetsuit and board rentals are included. 

Paddle Method

14110 Palawan Way

Marina Del Rey 90292


Paddle Method will have you paddling through Malibu Beach confidently and gracefully. Paddlers of all experience levels are welcome to get a low-impact, high-powered calorie burning water workout with personal and small-group coaches. Paddle Method provides lessons, workouts and scenic waterway tours from Malibu to Palos Verdes. Instructors will help paddlers engage with their body movement and control their momentum. Stroke through the waters and explore the waterways that SoCal has to offer.

Fly Jet Sports

5405 Alton Pkwy.

Irvine 92604


Flying is something almost everyone has dreamed of doing. At Fly Jet Sports, it’s possible. Hover above the waters at your own speed and control where you maneuver. Fly as high as 29.5 feet, go under water no deeper than eight feet and travel 18.5 miles per hour. After spending about an hour with an instructor, you’ll feel more comfortable flying on your own. Fly Jet Sports will have you feeling like a dolphin.

La Jolla Kayak

2199 Avenida de la Playa
La Jolla 92037


Get lucky enough to spend two hours exploring the Seven Sea Caves in a kayak. You’ll be able to kayak through three of the four microhabitats in the La Jolla Ecological Reserve. Swim in the sanctuary, see dolphins, sea lions, and boat around the leopard sharks and brightly colored garibaldi. The La Jolla Kayak tour prepares you for an incredible experience. The amazing tour of a lifetime awaits you.

By Cristina Pimentel