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Rediscover Wide Open Spaces

Outdoor Experiences in Palm Springs Post card-worthy landscapes. Endless sunshine. Fresh air and room to breathe! Palm Springs is home to some of the best outdoor experiences in Southern California. Luckily, this haven for outdoor enthusiasts is only a short drive from Los Angeles. Yes, you read that right! Hike, bike or take a tour; whatever your activity preference is, it’s bound to be more enjoyable when done Palm Springs style. Shift your adventure into high gear by exploring Palm Springs on two wheels Predominantly level streets, 13 miles of marked bike lanes, vast mountain trails and notorious neighborhoods filled with…

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Camarillo Ranch House

The Home that Remains a Jewel in the Seaside City’s Crown for More than a Century Known for picturesque scenery that ranges from agricultural-rich land to Spanish architecture, Camarillo, California, is a lively mix of modern amenities, lush, century-old vegetation and plenty of early California charm; and a pristine, 18th century ranch house is its anchor. Juan Adolfo Camarillo first ventured to California in the early 1800s during the Hijar Padres Expedition There, he would purchase a 10,000-acre ranch. Camarillo’s land, which would become the site of his home, was one of the last remaining Rancho Calleguas (Mexican land grants)…

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Frank Gehry: Constructing the Extraordinary

The corner of Sunset & Havenhurst in Los Angeles is about to go down in history. 8150 Sunset is already across the street from the legendary Chateau Marmont on the most famous stretch of boulevard in the world, but now the southeast side of this intersection is being “utterly transformed” by a $300 million mixed-use project designed by architect Frank Gehry. Whether you’re familiar with his name or not, you’ve seen Gehry’s work, and you know his curvy, reality-bending aesthetic. He’s the visionaire behind such world-famous attractions such as The Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Spain, the Walt Disney Concert Hall…

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A Year in LA: How to Stay Alive in the Biz—Five Survival Tips To Make Things Happen

Once upon a time, I was that girl: I picked up everything and moved to LA to pursue a career in acting. To offer a little back-story, I had a tumultuous breakup with my teenage love and ran to Chicago after college three years prior. After a few years in the city, I was burnt out—holding down a restaurant job and temping to make ends meet. I was garnering theatre gigs consistently—I just wasn’t getting paid. Unfortunately, that is the reality in the theatre world and I thought the time was right to make my move to LA. I had a deep,…

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National Geographic’s MARS

National Geographic’s MARS Series and NASA’s Insight Probe Landing By Kimberly Schmidt   Just several hours ago, NASA InSight Spacecraft successfully landed on Mars to collect data to further assess the reality of life-sustaining properties. This makes National Geographic’s miniseries MARS not only entertaining but informative, relevant, and thoroughly exciting.   As MARS Season Two continues to unfold, this scripted and documentary footage hybrid, executive produced by Ron Howard and Brian Grazer, bares the day-to-day lives of the first pioneers to settle on the red planet. During a panel discussion with the show’s Big Thinkers, Stephen Petranek, Antonia Juhasz, and…

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