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Preparing For Earthquakes

Five years ago, a magnitude 5.1 earthquake struck on the Puente Hills fault in La Habra and produced shaking felt across several Southern California counties. More than a hundred aftershocks followed during the next few days, including a magnitude 4.1 quake just a few miles away. The 2014 La Habra quake delivered a reminder to Southern Californians that even moderate earthquakes can cause damage—in this case, power outages, ruptured water mains, rock slides (including one that caused a car to overturn), broken glass and even damage that caused some homes to become uninhabitable—so it’s important to be prepared. “About three-quarters of the homes in the area where the strongest shaking occurred were built before 1980—before seismic building codes were in place statewide,” said California Earthquake Authority (CEA) CEO Glenn Pomeroy. “If that quake had been stronger, we could have seen more damage to older houses, as well as to newer houses, businesses and infrastructure.” Scientists project that a damaging earthquake could strike Southern California again at any time. The latest Uniform California Earthquake Rupture Forecast states that there’s a 93 percent chance of one or more magnitude 6.7 or greater earthquakes—the same magnitude as the 1994 Northridge earthquake and one…

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How To Help SoCal

Our beautiful area has been impacted by two horrific events this past week. We at SoCal Life Mag want to express our condolences to those who’ve lost loved ones at the Borderline shootings and the hundreds whose lives have been impacted by the Woolsey Fire. We are all so proud of our first responders, firefighters and law enforcement and grateful for their diligence and hard work. The kindness and generosity extended by our community to those who have been affected is admirable and inspiring. Many more want to help and don’t know where to begin, so we’re offering the following suggestion.   BORDERLINE RESOURCES   FIRE RESOURCES;jsessionid=00000000.app367a?df_id=4520&mfc_pref=T&4520.donation=form1&NONCE_TOKEN=BD586CAC59FBAE663577626DA737EA87   PET RESOURCES   *No Particular Order*

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California Coast Classic

By Kimmy Schmidt   The Life-Changing Effects of Accomplishing the California Coast Classic Bike Tour Meet Oren Noah from Sonoma County! In 2015, he was in a toxic working environment, 350 pounds, and trying to recover from total knee replacement surgery due to osteoarthritis. A combination of hard decisions and eureka moments would soon transform his life in ways he never expected. Oren signed up for the Arthritis Foundation’s annual California Coast Classic—a fully supported, 8-day bike tour along California’s iconic Highway 1, accompanied by 250 veteran and novice cyclists, all contributing to raise $1 million in funds for the Arthritis Foundation. It begins in San Francisco and ends in Los Angeles, traveling a bucket-list route down the California Coastline each September.   The Biggest Misconception of Arthritis Arthritis is commonly regarded as the “aging disease,” but actually, two-thirds of people with arthritis are under age 65, including an estimated 300,000 children! Arthritis isn’t a singular illness; it’s a category for over 100 forms of joint disease and is often linked to autoimmune disorders including Lupus, Crohn’s, and Lyme. Even more surprising—some participants of this tour, like Oren, complete the 525 miles over 8 days with arthritis! Oren’s experience leading…

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Get Up-Close and (Somewhat) Personal with Leopard Sharks

Every year, thousands of leopard sharks swarm the La Jolla waters in the largest annual leopard shark aggregation in the world. And, while the word ‘shark’ may elicit some form of panic, there’s no need worry. In fact, leopard sharks are known as the “friendly sharks” of the ocean. Their calm demeanor and beautiful spotted backs make them an intriguing site to witness whether you’re swimming, snorkeling, kayaking or diving. Biologists say that roughly 97% of these leopard sharks that come to La Jolla annually are female, and many of them are pregnant. They choose the calm, shallow and warm waters of La Jolla Shores to incubate and stay protected. July through September are the peak months to see these bottom dwellers, and below are three way to get up close and somewhat personal to these gentle and stunning creatures: Kayak + Snorkel One great way to encounter these leopard sharks is by getting out in the water in a non-motorized vessel, such as a kayak or standup paddleboard. La Jolla-based adventure and apparel company Everyday California, for instance, is famous for its 90-minute kayak tours that give paddlers a first-hand look at leopard sharks – which, by the way,…

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The Best Hikes in Los Angeles

By Benny Haddad   As spring moves into summer, hiking season gears up into full swing. People come from around to enjoy our famed Mediterranean climate, and what better way to decompress and enjoy the sun than to hit the trails. Surrounding the bustling Los Angeles metropolitan area are a plethora of canyons, woodlands, and tall peaks with stunning vistas, and following this winter’s El Niño rains, they promise to be extra lush. Here are three of our favorite hikes that are sure to please locals and visitors alike.   Malibu Creek State Park: Easy – 3.3 Miles – 580 Feet elevation gain With more than 8,000 acres of rolling tallgrass plains, rugged peaks, and oak savannahs, Malibu Creek State Park is a beautiful and diverse hiking destination. This hike is an easy, family friendly trek following the Grasslands Trail to the Rock Pool. The trail starts from an unmarked parking area on Mulhulland Highway, just West of Las Virgenes Road and provides a gentle and scenic stroll over rolling hills and the eponymous grasslands. After rounding a hill it connects to the High Road. Overhung with shade-providing oak trees and following beside Malibu Creek, the High Road’s level trail…

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Make a Wave on World Oceans Day

By Maria Del Cisne Vital   Southern California is nothing without its beaches. But the most essential part of a beach (the beautiful ocean) often goes unrecognized and unappreciated. Help organizations across SoCal preserve and draw attention to the importance of our world’s oceans for World Oceans Day. Dive into the fun and educational opportunities below!   4Ocean Santa Monica Beach Cleanup June 8 @ 9 a.m.-12 p.m.  Approximately 16 billion pounds of plastic enter the ocean each year, according to This year, 4Ocean is holding a beach cleanup to help lessen the amount of plastic our oceans have endured this year. All participants will receive a blue 4Ocean t-shirt and Limited Edition 4Ocean Bracelet. All volunteers will be provided with a reusable burlap bag and gloves. Bring a reusable water bottle if you have one, a great step towards reducing plastic use! Santa Monica State Beach (south of Santa Monica Pier) 16 Arcadia Terrace, Los Angeles County, Santa Monica, California 90401   Aquarium of the Pacific’s World Oceans Day June 8 With the cost of admission on June 8th, visitors of the aquarium will get the chance to learn about the issues affecting our oceans, such as…

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