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Highlights on the arts, culture and entertainment scene in Southern California can be found here. Find the must-see art exhibits, performances, and cultural explorations this southern region of the Golden State has to offer. We will spotlight museums, artists, gallery owners, performers, plays, musical events, composers, and more so you are in the know and on the scene. Interesting reads about Southern California will also be featured here.

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Words With SoCal Friends

Here in Southern California, we’re all practically one big clique of friends. We understand each other in ways East-Coasters can only dream. And do you know why? Because we have our own lingo and colloquialisms that are as “gnarly” as they are ergonomic. By truncating unnecessarily long words to mostly monosyllables, we make fewer facial expressions, and therefore maintain our immaculate and wrinkle-free skin. Crows feet are for losers.   If you’re not from So Cal, then you might be gnashing your teeth at the fact that, yes, we like to use “like,” “totally,” “hella,” “hecka” (for the pure-minded), “fresh,” “ballin,” “rad,” “poppin,” “psyched,” “trippin,” “sketchy,” “butt hurt” (figurative, not literal), “yolkin it” (a wry way of intimating steroid use without outrightly saying it) and the all-time classic “dude,” among many other words/phrases, in daily discourse.   For the uninitiated, “dude” spawned from surf culture, and “like” originated in the San Fernando Valley before becoming a worldwide phenomenon. The latter was originally inspired by our love of similes, but has since been used as a stopgap during conversational dead time to disguise dead brain cells. For that reason, or in spite of it, we are a joyous bunch, and have…

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Playing the Game of Attraction in L.A.

Over the years, the “City of Angels” has rightly or wrongly acquired the reputation for being diabolically difficult for singles. The vast expanse of Southern California, which, while on the surface offers never-ending options, is considered to actually be a treacherous trap with no endgame and added stress (Rebecca Haithcoat, LAWeekly). In addition, as Damona Hoffman of the Huffington Post contends, many of Los Angeles’ inhabitants might be more preoccupied with the city’s culture of fame, making it a battle of on-the-spot analysis to determine true intentions. Yet, the answer to the love riddle, perhaps shrouded more than ever, has been the same as it has been from antiquity until now—balance. You might say balance is the key to a healthy, ordered, and prosperous life. This philosophy is not new, either, as it has been around since the halcyon days of Aristotle, who espoused moderation. Throughout mankind, straddling the happy medium has applied to a spectrum of activities—from food, drink, work, school, hobbies, TV, the Internet, and so on. Yet, people don’t often include the pursuit of love—and its maintenance once it’s earned—as something that should be both nurtured and tempered with restraint. Nevertheless, what ignites the flame of attraction that leads to…

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The Lowdown on “Tainted Love” in L.A.

Imagine a roaring heat rising through your body, up to your neckline and above. Your face, now colored with a red tint, is burning, and you can’t help but tug at your collar. But this is not an unwelcome or painful episode; it is the elusive rush of passionate attraction, an animal magnetism pushing you to overcome the inhibition of convention, and leap into the lips of your soul mate sitting across the café table. Sadly, many Southern California residents are growing cynical to the idea that they could ever find their true love, let alone be able to sustain eye contact long enough to ignite any impassioned flame. No, not because they are necessarily becoming more bashful; instead, it is presumed to be the lethal combination of mobile phones and the narcissistic allure of the Hollywood backdrop. The relationships that do form are perceived to be for convenience, economics, and/or boisterous undulations of only the bodily kind. Somehow the age-old stereotypes about dating in Southern California have taken on gospel-like meaning, though they haven’t, at the very least, favored one sex over the other. The guys and gals of So-Cal have equally faulted each other, the former being reduced to musclehead, techie, surfer, or…

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