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The Lowdown on “Tainted Love” in L.A.

Imagine a roaring heat rising through your body, up to your neckline and above. Your face, now colored with a red tint, is burning, and you can’t help but tug at your collar. But this is not an unwelcome or painful episode; it is the elusive rush of passionate attraction, an animal magnetism pushing you to overcome the inhibition of convention, and leap into the lips of your soul mate sitting across the café table. Sadly, many Southern California residents are growing cynical to the idea that they could ever find their true love, let alone be able to sustain eye contact long enough to ignite any impassioned flame. No, not because they are necessarily becoming more bashful; instead, it is presumed to be the lethal combination of mobile phones and the narcissistic allure of the Hollywood backdrop. The relationships that do form are perceived to be for convenience, economics, and/or boisterous undulations of only the bodily kind. Somehow the age-old stereotypes about dating in Southern California have taken on gospel-like meaning, though they haven’t, at the very least, favored one sex over the other. The guys and gals of So-Cal have equally faulted each other, the former being reduced to musclehead, techie, surfer, or…

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