The Conejo Cottontails

Thanks to the non-profit Art Trek Inc. and Arts Council of Conejo Valley, a quirky art venture is underway. Conejo means “rabbit” in Spanish, so there is no better plan by which to celebrate the Conejo Valley than with larger than life sculptures of cottontails. With the help of donations and sponsors from local organizations, businesses, and individuals, local artists are decorating the Greater Chamber of Commerce and other locations throughout the area. These 5’6’’ whimsical sculptures, originally constructed by Cate Hartenstein, serve as the canvases for unique designs. The myriad of local artists involved includes Shannon Celia, Hessam Abrishami, Ann Krasner, Wendy Jann, Jen Sutman, and Fran Engel.


Funding these projects serves as a colorful way to direct funds towards arts education in the community, opening up educational opportunities to teach students in the Conejo Valley Unified School District about their home’s history and rabbit themed lore. The committee plans to run a program where students can use air-dry clay to shape their own bunnies.


The opportunity for different artists to get involved not only raises support for the arts in SoCal, but establishes an understanding of the community identity. Most Conejo Valley residents are not even aware that they live in a valley identified by furry folk. The Conejo Cottontails will serve as a constant reminder.


The Conejo Cottontails project aims to expand its reach by creating sculptures at the Gardens of the World, Westlake Promenade, Oaks Mall, and Janss Marketplace. It’s about time these furry members of the Conejo Valley hopped into the limelight.


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Artists Featured in Images:  Ann Krasner,Robin Tripaldi,Hessam Abrishami, Shannon Celia, Wendy Jann & Jennifer Sutman


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