In its mission to protect and preserve the Hollywood Sign for generations to come, the Hollywood Sign Trust shares fun and eco-friendly ways to enjoy The Hollywood Sign. From stunning hiking trails to picnic spots in Griffith Park, the Trust urges residents and visitors to enjoy the Sign without taxing the environment. And while there, explore the native plants and animals that call the Hollywood Sign home.

“The Hollywood Sign is the entertainment industry’s biggest star. We want people to embrace its vibrant history while helping to preserve its future,” said Jeff Zarrinnam, chair of the Hollywood Sign Trust. “As the Sign approaches its 100 anniversary in 2023, it’s a perfect time to commit to protecting the urban wilderness that surrounds this beloved monument representing the hopes and dreams of people worldwide.”

Eight Eco-Friendly Ways to Experience The Hollywood Sign This Summer

1) Stunning views of the Hollywood Sign unfold on Griffith Park’s hiking trails

Making a pledge to go green? Always stick to approved hiking trails, never litter, and be sure to bring water in reusable bottles. It’s also important to remember that no open flames are permitted in the Park. The Trust’s top three trails — Mt. Hollywood, Brush Canyon, and Cahuenga Peak— rank from easy to difficult and offer choices for all types of hikers,  from families to intrepid adventurers. Plan your visit at

2) Picnic your way to the Hollywood Sign: go green at these quintessential spots

• The Fern Dell Trail in Griffith Park: Viewing the Hollywood Sign from Griffith Park is an eco-friendly treat in and of itself. Add to that a picnic basket filled with summer favorites and it becomes a very special date with nature. Skip the wasteful takeout packaging and bring your own picnic from home (in multi-use containers, of course.) 2333 Fern Dell Drive, Los Angeles.

• The Park at Lake Hollywood: Situated between the Lake Hollywood Reservoir and the Hollywood Sign, spread your picnic blanket in the grassy park near the cool playground. Dispose of any trash in an approved receptacle or carry it out. 3160 Canyon Lake Drive, Los Angeles.

• The Three Mile Trail Hollywood Sign Loop: Take the DASH bus to the Griffith Observatory to enjoy this easy trail that features five viewpoints of the Sign with a fraction of the tourists. Along the way, enjoy a pleasant picnic spot featuring grass, picnic tables, shade, and water. 2800 E. Observatory Rd., Los Angeles, CA 90027-1299

3) Travel to the Hollywood Sign by the DASH Observatory Bus

Let’s face it: driving to the Sign creates pollution. Save on gas and the hassle of parking by taking the Metro Red Line to the Vermont/Sunset station and connect to the LADOT DASH Observatory Bus. The DASH makes stops at The Greek Theatre and the Griffith Observatory where you’ll find the Mt. Hollywood Trail—great places to view the Sign. Shuttles run every 15-20 minutes seven days a week, 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.

5) See the Sign and re-live the Wild West on horseback

For a true green adventure, and a ride through Hollywood history, go by horseback. A piece of Hollywood western lore can still be found at Sunset Ranch, which is an unforgettable way to view the Hollywood Sign while riding into the sunset.

6) Hollywood Sign gazing: explore the constellations that light up the Hollywood Sign

Enjoy the beauty of L.A.’s star-studded skies. Follow the Sky Report from The Griffith Observatory to keep up to date with the summer sky and find out which nights stars will shine bright.

7) Learn which flora and fauna call the Hollywood Sign home

Mule deer, coyotes, raccoons, gray foxes, opossums, skunks, bobcats,  and the Hollywood Sign’s famous mountain lion, P-22,  are just a few of the wild animals that make their home near the Sign. Don’t forget to bird watch as nearly 70 species make their nests in Griffith Park including hawks, roadrunners and woodpeckers. When you’re hiking on approved trails, notice the wide variety of native trees and plants that thrive year round. They can be an inspiration for your own native garden!

8) Allow the City to be your chauffeur and take the Red Line

The Metro’s B Line (Red), runs between downtown Los Angeles and North Hollywood. Stops include the Ovation Hollywood shopping center, where you can view the Sign and tour the Walk of Fame. Then either take the DASH bus to the Sign or continue on the Red Line to Universal Studios for a day of fun.

About the Hollywood Sign Trust

The Hollywood Sign Trust is a 501(c)3 nonprofit trust created operated exclusively for religious, charitable, scientific, literary, or educational purposes and responsible for physically maintaining, repairing and securing the Hollywood Sign; providing capital improvements for the benefit of the public at large; and educating the world about the Sign’s historical and cultural importance. More information about the Sign’s history and the Trust can be found at: