Laguna Beach: Drive down Pacific Coast Highway and as you come around the rocky bend of the shoreline to your right, you may feel as if you are entering a small beach town in South America, not in the heart of Orange County. That is the vibe Laguna Beach can give a first time visitor or someone who has been coming to this laid-back, artsy coastal hang out for years.

Husband and wife writing team, Jeff and Shannah Game took a couple days to fall off the electronic grid and got lost in one of the coolest cities in the OC.

Peaceful Easy Feeling

Tucked away on the east edge of Laguna sits Casa Laguna, a B&B Inn reminiscent of an Old Spanish villa. Casa Laguna’s 22 rooms offer luxurious and tranquil accommodations, but this B&B’s best-kept secret is their gourmet food. Grab a box lunch for only $10 per person; choose from delicious options like Casa Bahn Mi or the Veggie Sammy, and head across the street to Victoria Beach.

In the Waves

Laguna Beach has about 27 beaches and coves in seven miles of coastline. One of the most majestic and pristine looking beaches, Victoria Beach, is well off the beaten path and has the remnants of an old castle looking turret of sorts and is worth hiking around the rocks and waves to snap a shot for your Instagam. Victoria Beach can almost feel like you are far away in Capri and not in the heartland of Orange County.

Only the Wine

Drive down Laguna Canyon Road and you will stumble across a real hidden gem — Laguna Canyon Winery, owned and operated by Canadian brothers Marlowe and Darren Huber. They have been pumping out their own brands of award-winning vino for more than 10 years now. You can really taste the care that they put into every bottle and you will end up taking many bottles home.

Love to Laugh

Two of the most unlikely combinations- yoga and laughter, fuse together in perfect harmony in this one-of-a-kind experience. “As far as your health is concerned, laughing from having fun is as good as laughing ‘at’ something funny,” says Laughter Yoga’s instructor Jeffrey Briar. Set at the furthest end of Main Beach, Jeffrey leads an ever changing, and sometimes multi-national group, through various laughter exercises seven days a week.

South American Comfort

The menu at Maro Wood Grill is ever changing from award winning head chef, Debra Sims. Owner Mariano Molteni talks about how Maro Wood Grill stands out from so many other culinary choices in Laguna, “we serve a variety of grilled appetizers and also one of the only restaurants in Orange County to serve exclusively grass-fed beef.” This little South American influenced restaurant is off the main drag of Laguna, making it an even cooler spot for a romantic meal for two, and includes award-winning dessert.

Shannah Game