Fill your stay at home days

The novel COVID-19 virus has caused us to quarantine to protect our most vulnerable, it has affected all aspects of our daily routine and activities we enjoy. Not to worry because we have some fun and creative things for you to do while you stay at home.

Create your own spa

Decompress by transforming your home into your own personal spa. Recreate that perfect spa atmosphere by lighting some aromatic candles, queuing your favorite relaxing tunes, and changing into a comfy robe. Now, you have the time to stay at home, why not give yourself a facial, manicure, pedicure, or relaxing bath? And don’t forget to throw in a glass of wine.

Concoct your own sangria

What better time to call on your inner bartender than when in quarantine?On the next grocery run grab some cinnamon, fresh fruits (apples, lemons, and oranges are best), brandy, and some California red wine (no need to splurge for the expensive varieties) and concoct a homemade sangria. This refreshing Spanish beverage is simple, easy to make and a sure-fire way to keep the family together and in good spirits.

Start your own cooking show

Share your favorite recipes and cooking tricks with your friends and social media followers – give them a unique quarantine title. It will help you recall this time in your life each time you remake that recipe. Bring the meal to life by taking pictures and videos of the ingredients and each step. This is a great chance to impress your friends with all your healthy homemade cooking.

Find your inner artist

Create your own painting studio using what you have around the house or order new supplies online. Now that you’re in quarantine, it is an excellent opportunity to let the artist within shine. Grab a piece of paper or a canvas and let your hand guide you through your masterpiece. Maybe you want to make art for your walls or as a gift for a friend. (Wine works well here too — get those creative juices flowing!)

Create an indoor jungle

Brighten up your space with an indoor urban garden. Perfect your greenthumb by bringing in some of your favorite indoor plants. You can also get creative by arranging a variety of succulents in different shaped pots. By placing them in clusters or spreading them around, you can breathe more life into your home.

As you get busy with new projects and uncover new hobbies, you might just want to stay at home more often, even when this quarantine is finally over!

By Alkassir, Baraa

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