Mickey’s Italian Deli & Pizzeria, one of the most popular Italian restaurants in the Hermosa Beach area of Los Angeles, has officially announced that it will be bringing back one of its favorite deals this October in celebration of National Pizza Month. 

From October 1 to October 30, Mickey’s will bring back its signature 20-inch pizza slices for just $17.75, which puts the “larger than a regular pizza” slices in the same general price range as most traditional pizzas. These eye-popping 20-inch slices of authentic Italian pizza promise to pack delicious taste in each bite, catch the attention of passersby, and fill even the most hungry, watering mouths. The classic slice is made with Mickey’s popular handmade pizza dough and topped with the deli’s homemade tomato sauce and fine mozzarella. Various other toppings are available for just $1.99

“Our pizza is truly authentic, and we are excited to bring back this deal everyone has come to love during National Pizza Month so they can enjoy a signature 20-inch pizza slice,” remarked Paul Mance, Mickey’s son and owner of Mickey’s Italian Deli & Pizzeria. “This was very popular last year, and we are grateful for everyone who turned out to get a bite during the month of October. We look forward to welcoming new and returning faces over the next few weeks as everyone gets their slice and leaves the pizzeria with an authentic, mouth-watering pizza of their own,” he added.

The secret behind the extra-large pizza slice is the careful shaping of the pizza dough into a perfect triangle, after which it is then baked on its own. This means each 20-inch “slice” is effectively its own pizza but that doesn’t mean you can’t cut it and share it with your loved ones if you choose!

Founded in 1953 by Michael Angelo “Mickey” Mance, Mickey’s Italian Deli & Pizzeria has become one of the premier delis, markets, and liquor stores over the last several decades for serving up Italian favorites like pizza and spaghetti. Pizza is available by the slice or pie, and over 16 toppings are available, including anchovies, bacon, vegetables, pepperoncinis, and other tasty classics. 

Visit the deli and pizzeria this October to try one of the signature 20-inch pizza slices at 101 Hermosa Avenue in Hermosa Beach, California. To learn more, please visit MickeysDeli.com or follow Mickey’s Italian Deli & Pizzeria on Instagram.