By: Jessi Soporito


French fries are tired of being a lousy side dish— they’re ready to be the main course. With all sorts of options — curly, nacho-ed, waffle-cut, chilli cheese, sweet potato, etc. — there’s no wrong way to celebrate National French Fry day on July 13. Whether they’re your guilty pleasure or a full sized meal, there’s a recipe out there for everyone to fall in love with. Check out some of the craziest fries you can get throughout SoCal this holiday.


Lola Gaspar — Santa Ana

At this Latin tapas hot spot, the fries do not disappoint. The intimate restaurant serves a variety of tacos, burritos and burgers, but their nacho cheese fries remain a fan favorite. Topped with frijoles, feta, crema and chilies, and chorizo for a little extra, you’ll find yourself ordering more and more plates.


The Oinkster — Los Angeles

If you’re looking for a gourmet fast-food experience, look no further than The Oinkster. Located on Eagle Rock’s Colorado Boulevard, it offers a few different fry options for everyone. Between the Belgian Fries; made from hand cut, twice fried and fresh Kennebec potatoes; the Piggy Fries; homemade 1000 island, caramelized onions and shredded cheddar cheese; and the Chili Fries; homemade chili, shredded cheddar cheese and scallions; your whole group will leave feeling full and satisfied.


The Lobos Truck — Los Angeles Area

Stay on the lookout for one of L.A.’s most talked about food truck: The Lobos Truck. Their most signature item is their “wachos,” a cross between a waffle fry and nachos. Is your mouth watering yet? Because they specialize in comfort food, the wachos come in five different recipes like Drunken Sisig (crispy pork belly, anyone?), Cheesy Buff and the OG.


Establos Meat Market — Thousand Oaks and Camarillo

A local favorite, Establos is a Mexican market with a kitchen in the back making fresh food all day. They might not be on the menu, but the carne asada french fries are a regular’s favorite. Smothered in meat, pico de gallo, sour cream and guacamole, and for only $5, this will become your new favorite hole-in-the-wall. Try looking around the market for fresh and authentic ingredients to try and make them at home as well.


Grill-A-Burger — Palm Desert

Maybe the loaded fries are a little too much for you this far into the day, and that’s okay! At Grill-A-Burger, a “gorilla,” jungle-themed Palm Desert restaurant, they have one of the most Californian takes on french fries: avocado fries. Yes, avocado wedges are dipped in beer batter, breaded, deep-fried and seasoned with sea salt. And because they’re so healthy, don’t feel bad ordering a second, or third, or fourth round. Served with a pesto mayo and Sriracha mayo, they’ll become your new favorite version of french fries.


Regents Pizzeria — La Jolla

If fries can make it in a Mexican restaurant, what makes a pizzeria any different? At Regents Pizzeria, their Kennebec Fries include buffalo chicken, garlic, truffle and straight, regular fries. Their fresh produce from local vendors put their fries above the rest. Knowing you’re helping the community AND eating amazing fries is the best way to spend the holiday.


Whether you’re a die-hard, In-N-Out animal style french fry eater, or a pomme frites connoisseur, SoCal has hundreds of french fry recipes to allow you to celebrate the special day however you choose.