By Kimberly Schmidt


To all you weary-eyed holiday warriors—the National Geographic Almanac 2019 is hot off the press and it’s the first-ever edition for adults! That’s right, now we can stop pretending to know as much as the Nat Geo almanac-reading kids in our lives and respond to their trivia with some dignity.


National Geographic is doing what it does best—delivering cutting-edge information to help us rekindle a childlike wonder and, ultimately, try to make this world and our short lives on this magnificent mote of dust a little bit better.


This 400-page gem is jam-packed with innovative research in chapters like Exploration & Adventure, This Planet & Beyond, Life on Earth, The Science of Us, Yesterday to Tomorrow, and Our World. You’ll find section quizzes, infographics, timelines, and exquisite photography. And folks…these new discoveries are MIND-BLOWING.  


Also included, travel guides for bucket-list destinations (including SoCal’s own Pacific Coast Highway), iconic must-visit National Parks, plus food recommendations, and tips on eco-friendly exploration.


In our busy adult lives, we don’t have time to dive too deep into the subjects that we love but National Geographic knows this. That’s why each topic is condensed to 1-2 pages covering the most vital details, “key facts,” and even viable solutions to some of our most pressing concerns in environmental sustainability.


This book is a must-have—offer it as a gift, spark a conversation, utilize the trivia games as a positive distraction to avoid all the pink elephants in the room this holiday season. It can even be used to cheer up a fellow adult with loving science-themed sentiments.


Have a friend that’s going through a rough patch? Tell them they’re like the toughest creature on the planet—the millimeter-long Tardigrades, which have survived being frozen, boiled, and exposed to both lethal radiation and crushing pressure.” (p.164)     


Are you in a disagreement with someone? Take a Chameleon-like approach when tensions arise. These animals don’t fight with their teeth but display their range of colors at a distance. “Most conflict is resolved through this color dual. The loser slinks off in dull browns.” (p.178)


Feeling disconnected? Even microscopic life can show us how to coexist. “There are as many bacteria on your skin and inside your body as there are human cells making it up.” (p.162-163). We are both the cells that give life and the cells that feed off of us. All is connected.


Changing the world begins in our minds, our homes, and in our communities. Sharing stories, exploring new concepts, and applying scientific curiosity to our daily lives can summon inspiration, comfort, hope, and a more delicate lightness of being—something we adults could certainly use on tap.


With the National Geographic Almanac 2019 now we can.  


Available for pre-order now!