Our Story Is presents At the Market, a monthly free farmers market for people in the San Fernando Valley, who are experiencing a season of hardship.

The organization’s mission is to fill in the stop gap between the working class and impoverished.  

Co-Presidents and mother-daughter duo,Keke and Ari Dixon understand it could be people of all income levels who go through life changing experiences.  It could be anyone. “Everyone has a story. Their story could be our story” said Ari Dixon

At this free farmers market, market goers will receive fresh produce from local farms and orchards, hot and cold food, and entertainment. Providing high quality food and a high quality experience.  “Just like a regular farmers market, people will be able to pick their own food and produce,” said Ari.

“We have a sponsor, Protech Staffing and Fields Org who are donating a large portion of our produce.  We also have entertainment provided by DJ, KG Superstar,” said Keke

 “We will have hot meals from vendors that we have partnered with. We have Chick-Fil-A Woodland Hills, Baja Fresh Calabasas, Western Bagel Woodland Hills and Encino, and Ubatuba Woodland Hills, and more.” said Keke.

The duo says, “This farmers market is technically a food distribution with a farmers market feel.”  

The farmers market launch will be on March 25, in the parking lot of River of the Valley Church in Canoga Park.  

Through donations and sponsors the organization is able to provide free food.

Keke and Ari are expecting 300 market-goers to attend the launch.  

“We need farm vendors, artisans, monetary donations, we also have an Amazon Wishlist,” Ari Dixon said.

Everyone is welcome.  People can sign up to volunteer and donate at https://ourstoryis.com

“We are looking forward to our March 25th launch,” said the Dixon’s.

What do you do when you are stuck in the middle of the ocean without a life jacket? With so much focus on the homeless and low income communities (rightfully so), many working class individuals who are in survival mode often fall through the cracks. There are very few programs implemented to aid those individuals before hitting poverty.

“Our Story Is” (a mother daughter duo, Keke and Ari Dixon) is the stop gap between the working class and impoverished, with a mission to fill in the gaps before people hit poverty level. With poverty increasing by nearly 60% in the San Fernando Valley alone from 2020 to 2022, this illustrates the urgency of aid needed for those right before they become impoverished. In a climate of inflation, many are faced with the tough choice whether to purchase groceries for the week, get gas for the week, or pay their rent. 

In order to combat this, once a month “Our Story Is” will host a FREE farmers market geared towards individuals experiencing hardship called “At the Market”. Uniquely, not only serving the homeless and impoverished, but all individuals who have fallen on hard times. This farmers market will provide the highest quality fresh and/or organic produce, healthy food, entertainment, as well as 90% biodegradable/eco-friendly products. “A couple of our sponsors Protech Staffing and Fields Org are donating a large portion of our fresh/organic produce from local farmers,” said KeKe.

We will also have hot meals from local food vendors such as Chick-Fil-A Woodland Hills, Baja Fresh Calabasas, Western Bagel Woodland Hills and Encino, Ubatuba Woodland Hills, and more. We also have partnered with local artisans, entertainers, and unique vendors such as The Fruit Bat Org. and DJ KG Superstar.

A part of Our Story Is’ mission is to cultivate an integral giving distribution model, therefore all market goers will be able to pick their own produce without having it picked for them. “After speaking with many people who have experienced hardship, they felt embarrassed, and that is absolutely what we do not want. We want everyone who attends to have a real farmers market experience,  but it just so happens to be free” said Ari. 

“At the Market” is 100% donation based, therefore donations are always welcomed. “We need farm vendors, food vendors, artisans, purchases from our Amazon Wishlist, and monetary donations. You can register as a vendor, shop our Amazon Wishlist, and donate monetarily through our website, ourstoryis.com.” -Ari. 

“At the Market” launches Mar 25, 2023, in the parking lot of the River of the Valley Church in Canoga Park, expecting 300 market goers.. If you would like to attend or volunteer, you must sign up on their website ourstoryis.com

Provided By: Keke Dixon