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A Conversation With Jen Bilik– CEO, Author, and Lover of L.A.

Interview/Written By: Maria Vital   Jen Bilik, 49, is the author of This Is (Not) L.A.: An Insider’s Take On The Real L.A.,’ a book that gives you the real inside scoop on Los Angeles. While flipping through the pages, you’ll be shocked at how Bilik casually debunks all the myths you thought about L.A. By the end, you’ll have new insight on the city you thought you knew so well. I sat down with the CEO of the Who’s There Group to discuss life in L.A., and got her tips on the best way to show your out-of-town friends…

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Driving Down PCH

By: Maria Vital What better way to drive down SoCal’s iconic Pacific Coast Highway than in a brand new Lexus LS500? The Western Area Lexus Team organized a lovely drive down PCH that includes views, bites, and history. Starting at the luxurious, waterfront Balboa Bay Resort in Newport Beach, the Lexus LS500 awaits with extraordinary GPS navigation that will take you on the most efficient route. An added bonus: if you get too caught up in the views you’re driving past, state-of-the-art technology will keep you and your Lexus in your lane at all times.  Safe and sleek– two things…

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Top Ten Places to Visit in Southern California

By Kasey Hamilton   Our vast community is filled with so much to see and do that the choices can be overwhelming — there are countless places to visit, but here are our top ten SoCal destinations.   Griffith Observatory The Griffith Observatory is one of California’s most cosmic getaways. For those interested in astronomy, the observatory has a planetarium, public telescopes, and other planetary exhibits. It also offers one of the top vantage points for viewing the iconic Hollywood sign. The observatory is also a featured location in many movies and television shows including the recent Oscar winner “La La Land.” 2800 E….

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5 Most Heavenly Cupcake Shops on Earth

Cupcakes come in all colors, sizes and calorie counts. You see glorious cupcake displays at weddings, birthdays and lining bakery shelves. If you’re going to eat the whole thing, it’s probably best if it’s a cupcake rather than the three-tiered alternative. Here are five of the Southland’s best to tempt the palate and keep you relatively guilt-free.   Enjoy Cupcakes in Santa Barbara & Los Olivos Established in 2009 in Los Olivos and Santa Barbara in 2014, Enjoy Cupcake has so far created more than 650 Wine Cupcake recipes.  Baker Amber Joy Vander VlietI produces six flavors each week with input from…

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Sweet and Savory in SoCal: National Waffle Day

By Maria del Cisne Vital   Waffles are a tasty treat so dynamic that they can be eaten for breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert! Whether you like your waffles drenched in syrup, topped with berries, or served alongside fried chicken, Southern California has you covered in the waffle department. Enjoy today, National Waffle Day, with a delicious meal! Check out these places for unique twists on the traditional waffle:   The Waffle Spot — San Diego The name speaks for itself. The Waffle Spot in San Diego is the hot spot for all things waffle! They have “specialties” like apple…

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