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Five Tasty Cupcake Shops

There’s nothing that quite hits the palate like a delicately crafted cupcake, replete with fluffy frosting and moist cake center. The right one will fill not only the stomach, but the heart, the very moment the tip of the tongue touches the billowy top. There are many a cupcake that satiates that unbridled urge to reach out at the elbow, but for fear of perilously high blood sugar, here are five Southern California-based shops—not named Sprinkles— for your perusal and consumption.

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A Look Back at The Schlitz Bouts

The Hollywood Athletic Club, established in 1924, was Hollywood’s very first “social club.” It catered to the likes of John Wayne, Charlie Chaplin, Clark Gable, and most of the old Hollywood elite. The architecture of the historic building, even after all these years, is stunning. From the immaculate ceilings, to the grand staircase, and the marble bathroom we are reminded of the attention to detail and high quality materials used in that time period. The Schlitz Bouts, A Night of Heritage Boxing, took us back in time to the days of ‘ole where dapper dudes and flapper dames dressed in…

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Honoring the Honorable

Air Force veteran Warren Weinstein enjoys Monday mornings at the West Hills Wendy’s fast food restaurant where, for more than a decade, a group of about 75 Southern California veterans calling themselves Wings Over Wendy’s has been meeting to swap war stories and camaraderie. “I’m in awe of some of these gentlemen,” Weinstein says. “They’re in their 90’s, and being a pilot, particularly a B-17 and B-29 pilot, I was talking to some of these men who were on the actual missions over Germany, Ploiesti, the oil fields of Romania, some of the famous raids of WWII. These men have…

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Jennie Garth: SoCal Life Mag Cover Story

When Jennie Garth puts on a hard hat, she means business — a powerful lady engaged in the complete renovation of a Hollywood Hills home for her three kids, calling the shots in front of a crew and the television viewers of HGTV’s The Jennie Garth Project. For Garth, it’s an opportunity to empower women everywhere, the way her dad showed her growing up. She’s worked on other homes before, although never done a complete overhaul and never on a modern house, so she’s really excited about the new challenges and having a place to set down roots. “My girls…

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Words With SoCal Friends

Here in Southern California, we’re all practically one big clique of friends. We understand each other in ways East-Coasters can only dream. And do you know why? Because we have our own lingo and colloquialisms that are as “gnarly” as they are ergonomic. By truncating unnecessarily long words to mostly monosyllables, we make fewer facial expressions, and therefore maintain our immaculate and wrinkle-free skin. Crows feet are for losers.   If you’re not from So Cal, then you might be gnashing your teeth at the fact that, yes, we like to use “like,” “totally,” “hella,” “hecka” (for the pure-minded), “fresh,”…

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