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Jennie Garth: SoCal Life Mag Cover Story

When Jennie Garth puts on a hard hat, she means business — a powerful lady engaged in the complete renovation of a Hollywood Hills home for her three kids, calling the shots in front of a crew and the television viewers of HGTV’s The Jennie Garth Project. For Garth, it’s an opportunity to empower women everywhere, the way her dad showed her growing up. She’s worked on other homes before, although never done a complete overhaul and never on a modern house, so she’s really excited about the new challenges and having a place to set down roots. “My girls…

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Words With SoCal Friends

Here in Southern California, we’re all practically one big clique of friends. We understand each other in ways East-Coasters can only dream. And do you know why? Because we have our own lingo and colloquialisms that are as “gnarly” as they are ergonomic. By truncating unnecessarily long words to mostly monosyllables, we make fewer facial expressions, and therefore maintain our immaculate and wrinkle-free skin. Crows feet are for losers.   If you’re not from So Cal, then you might be gnashing your teeth at the fact that, yes, we like to use “like,” “totally,” “hella,” “hecka” (for the pure-minded), “fresh,”…

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The Southern California Food Trucks Phenomenon

What do you get when you combine the two internationally acclaimed pastimes of cars and food? The food truck, where gustatory urges can be satisfied at a mini-restaurant that just so happens to be supported by the chassis of a machine on wheels. Granted, food trucks haven’t always been in fashion, and only since late last decade have they become popular with the in-crowd. Truth be told, they were usually thought to be an unsanitary, uncouth way to grab a meal, unless the direst need to grub presented itself. Now, the stereotype has taken a sharp turn, and Southern California…

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Playing the Game of Attraction in L.A.

Over the years, the “City of Angels” has rightly or wrongly acquired the reputation for being diabolically difficult for singles. The vast expanse of Southern California, which, while on the surface offers never-ending options, is considered to actually be a treacherous trap with no endgame and added stress (Rebecca Haithcoat, LAWeekly). In addition, as Damona Hoffman of the Huffington Post contends, many of Los Angeles’ inhabitants might be more preoccupied with the city’s culture of fame, making it a battle of on-the-spot analysis to determine true intentions. Yet, the answer to the love riddle, perhaps shrouded more than ever, has been the same…

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The Lowdown on “Tainted Love” in L.A.

Imagine a roaring heat rising through your body, up to your neckline and above. Your face, now colored with a red tint, is burning, and you can’t help but tug at your collar. But this is not an unwelcome or painful episode; it is the elusive rush of passionate attraction, an animal magnetism pushing you to overcome the inhibition of convention, and leap into the lips of your soul mate sitting across the café table. Sadly, many Southern California residents are growing cynical to the idea that they could ever find their true love, let alone be able to sustain eye…

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