An exhilarating, yet tranquil escape, it’s no wonder that, as summer approaches, scuba diving is gaining popularity. Scuba diving is not just a great activity for almost anyone; it is also an incredible experience that is sure to create some fantastic memories.

Scuba diving has been glamorized in Hollywood film for years, and even in real life, celebrities including Jessica Alba, Tom Cruise, James Cameron, Sandra Bullock and Nina Dobrev have taken up the underwater sport to enjoy the world beneath the water’s surface.

Here are five reasons everyone needs to try scuba diving this summer:

  1. Explore a new world: Scuba diving is an exploratory activity that helps people personally connect with the ocean and various undersea animals, including coral, sea turtles, fish and marine mammals.
  2. Experience tranquility and freedom: While underwater, the distractions, noise and stress from daily life float away. Slow, focused and deep breathing, similar to that of meditative breathing, can help induce a calm and relaxed state while divers enjoy freedom from restrictions such as gravity and weight.
  3. Safe and easy: With proper training, certification, equipment and planning, scuba diving is a safe and easy water sport to learn. Anyone aged 12 and up can become fully certified in scuba diving.
  4. It’s both a local and global activity: Scuba diving is an activity that is enjoyed almost anywhere. With hundreds of famous diving destinations throughout the world, each spot has something unique to offer. A great diving location is never too far away, especially in California!
  5. Meet great people: Become a part of a friendly and passionate community. Meet other like-minded people who love the same things and share experiences. Dive centers and dive clubs are abundant and often, members of the dive community become good friends.

Diving is guaranteed to open up a new world of adventure and is great for the body, mind and soul. With summer just about here, make a plan to give it a try!