Holiday gift-buying can be overwhelming, even for the most expert shoppers among us.

Shopping-haters dread this traditional holiday ritual. Perhaps it’s because there’s an underlying expectation that we must buy gifts and therefore it steals a bit of the joy away from giving spontaneously. But if we can connect with the true joy of giving and shrug off the resentment that comes with the notion that we HAVE to shop it makes the process easier. Still feel stumped? Here are a few gift ideas and the best part is you don’t need to step foot in a crowded mall to shop.

Gift Cards

Once considered impersonal, gift cards are now a hot commodity – especially to where most people have a full shopping cart waiting for that “buy now” click. Gift cards have increasingly become one of the most popular holiday gifts. They allow the recipient to purchase what they’ve been wanting most instead of receiving something they may not be crazy about. 


Most women would love a facial but may not want to splurge to get one. Men may want tickets to a local event and kids always love a special recreation activity. Groupon offers an array of choices to hundreds of special services and experiences, all at remarkable discounts.


This is the gift you give those who have everything, because creating new memories are gifts that will last a lifetime. There are a number of holiday deals on airlines, cruises and hotels. And if the entire cost is too big of a bite, you can always fund a portion of it to your vacation-loving friend. Travel is now on sale and you can book your flight to a top destination on this special promo: Get up to $40◊ off with promo code TOP40.


Gone are the days of the Cabbage Patch doll and the GI Joe – if it doesn’t have buttons and some sort of engine attached to it, kids don’t want it. Our favorite “go to” retail destination is because they carry any newfangled thing a kid could want. And for a limited time they’re offering free shipping on any purchase of $35+. And even if it turns out to be the Cabbage Patch doll or GI Joe, you’ll find that too!


That’s a gift you give you’re going to give yourself. After your fingers have done all that work across your keyboard, you’re going to want to order a bottle to congratulate yourself. After all, you’re now such a stellar gift-giver. If you’re over 21 years of age, you can order from and receive save 30% or more, and the best part, it comes to your door.

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