Dog owners will reach new heights to give their dog the best opportunities possible. With these ten best dog parks and beaches in SoCal, Fifi will be the most athletic and social dog around.


The dog beach at Huntington Beach is one of the most popular dog destinations. Your pup can play in the sand, relax in the sun and swim or even surf in the ocean. The only cost is parking, but donations are also accepted. For more information, go to


In San Diego, Nate’s Point is a 2.3-acre dog park. It has many trees for shade and includes picnic tables, water fountains and a double entry gate. The surrounding beautiful scenery feels like you’ve left San Diego for a mythical dog land.


Country Kennels Dawg Water Park is one of the best ways you can help your dog cool off. It costs $12 for the first dog and $6 for the second, but is worth every penny. The park includes a pool, fake grass, hills and tunnels to give your dog the time of his/her life. Watch this video for a closer look:


Carlsbad offers a newer dog park, with sections for both large and small dogs. The off-leash park includes the normal amenities of benches and fountains, but also has agility equipment to give your pup a new kind of exercise. Don’t miss out on this park that you and your dog will never forget.


Oceanside dog park overview is one of the most well maintained dog parks in all of Southern California. Because it is closed every Wednesday and one day after raining, the park is always in perfect condition for your dog. However, since it is close to a shelter, your dog must have all his/her vaccinations and be spayed or neutered to stay safe and to keep others safe.


For a more secluded dog park, Laurel Canyon is just the place. The three acre park, home for dogs both big or small, can be found after a brisk walk through the canyon. It offers similar features as other parks, but its secretive location (and possible celebrity sighting!) makes it your own.


The Conejo Creek Dog Park in Thousand Oaks is a great place for your dog, if you don’t mind giving up grass for parking. After a recent renovation, the park is more drought-friendly, but has grassy areas in the back and includes water fountains with specialized bowls for your pooch.


Rosie’s Dog Beach is the only off-leash dog beach in Los Angeles county, making it a hotspot for those looking for a dip in the ocean. The Long Beach park is the best destination for a beach day adventure, but before visiting, make sure to read up on some of the rules at .


Fiesta Island Off Leash Dog Park in San Diego offers endless amounts of running on the sand, over dunes, through ponds and even into the ocean. The park is surrounded by flowers, trees and bike paths, making it the ultimate getaway with your precious pooch.   


Palm Springs Dog Park is one of the smaller options on this list at 1.6 acres. However, it still offers enough running room for your dog to leave exhausted and happy, especially after using the park’s 11 antique fire hydrants.


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