Every city has its own persona, its own feeling, and its own story.  Besides the exercise, walking tours offer another dimension to your visit.  A walking tour gives visitors the chance to connect with the character of a city and get a first-hand understanding of what the area is really about. By taking a step into a new place, tourists and locals alike can get a feel for the energy of the city they are in.  And in Southern California, energy is everything. 

Vintage Venice Tours

Voted “Best Walking Tour” of 2012 and 2013 by Los Angeles Magazine, the Vintage Venice Tour is one of the best ways to experience this iconic boardwalk.  The Vintage Venice Tour allows you to indulge in the modern attractions that the beach has to offer, while also showing you the rich history of the town through film clips that span the past 105 years.  See the past come to life and witness the development of the culture of Venice Beach with stops at Muscle Beach, the Venice Canals, the Ocean Front Walk, and more.


Santa Barbara Walking Tour

While on your visit to Santa Barbara, be sure to sign up for the Santa Barbara Walking Tour.  Focusing on the artistic heritage and landmarks of the city, this tour will give plenty of insight into Santa Barbara’s culture and history.  You can expect to see an amazing array of art — from statues to murals to ancient artifacts that are integral to the personality of this vibrant city.


Old Pasadena Walking Architectural Tour

Embark on this 60-minute walking tour to get an in-depth look at the oldest commercial area in Pasadena.  The tour offers you a chance to step into the past and visit the original buildings from the early 1900’s that still stand today such as the Chamber of Commerce Building and the Former Santa Fe Railway Station.  This walking tour is sure to provide an interesting and diverse look at the city.


Felix In Hollywood Tour

While the list of Hollywood tours is seemingly endless, many have said the Felix In Hollywood tour stands alone as the best way to get a first-hand look into the history of this city.  On the 90-minute tour, you will learn all about Hollywood’s pop-culture origins and the history of how and why the entertainment industry has its roots dug so deeply in the town.  If you are looking for a one-of-a-kind look into one of Southern California’s most iconic cities, the Felix In Hollywood Tour is a great choice.


San Diego Walking Tours

Walking Tours of San Diego is unique in this list in that it offers a tour of every major neighborhood in the area.  It takes an in-depth understanding of each of these small parts in order to appreciate the whole city.  The tours will introduce the tourists to the one-of-a-kind shops, local cafes, and architectural intricacies that each of these neighborhoods has to offer.  With tours to places like Point Loma, the Gaslamp District, and La Jolla, there is plenty to explore in San Diego. 


Keys Ranch Walking Tour

If you find yourself at the Joshua Tree National Park, be sure to stop at Keys Ranch for an amazing guided walking tour.  The 90-minute tour offers an eye-opening look into life in the Mojave Desert.  See the historic ranch house, the schoolhouse, store, and workshop in this quaint desert town.  With more than 60 years of history still standing, the Keys Ranch is a great chance to see a lifestyle that is unknown to many Southern California natives and visitors.


Beverly Hills Walking Tour Seen On Screen

The Seen On Screen Walking Tour takes visitors through the town that has been a major set piece since the dawn of the film industry.  On this tour you will explore the areas that have become iconic after their time on the silver screen.  The tour stops include the Electric Fountain, The Beverly Hilton, Edelweiss Chocolates, and many more sites that you are sure to recognize.