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The Epitome of Old Hollywood Glamour, Santa Monica’s The Georgian Room Re-Opens for the First Time in Sixty Years

Situated beneath the iconic Santa Monica hotel, The Georgian, the intimate restaurant showcases Italian steakhouse cuisine complemented by all-night live jazz & piano The Georgian, a fixture of the Southern California coastline since 1933, is delighted to unveil the much-anticipated resurrection of The Georgian Room. This exclusive restaurant is set to reclaim its status as a coveted destination for discerning patrons seeking an unforgettable blend of sophistication, culinary delight, and live entertainment. Having first opened its doors in 1933, The Georgian Room embodied the allure and glamor of Hollywood’s Golden Age while offering a haven for those seeking an atmosphere of exclusivity, lavish…

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Keep Calm and Clean On at the Beach This Week

By Maria del Cisne Vital   Southern California is a destination spot for its fun attractions and beautiful scenery— especially that of a beach with glistening waters and smooth sands. However, with the high popularity of beaches comes the high amount of trash left behind by its visitors. According to Kellogg, by the year 2050 the amount of plastic in our oceans will exceed the amount of fish if we continue at the same rate of pollution. This week, known as the Earth Day for beaches, SoCal’s beaches invite you to take action and help clean up. Check out the…

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