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Post-Thanksgiving Tips & TricksFeatured

We all know that Thanksgiving comes with all the yummy family-favorite recipes that include lots of sugar and carbohydrates. For some, this is more calories than you eat in a week you will consume in one day. While one day of overindulgence isn’t too disruptive if you get back on track the following day, but it can cause some digestion issues the night of and the morning after. Here are some tips and tricks that I often recommend following just prior to going to bed and first thing in the morning. 1.    Thanksgiving evening you might feel a little thirsty. This is due to the salt that is added to the food. In addition, it could also be related to any alcohol that you consumed. Your body is reacting to dehydration. So, drink some water before you go to bed. I would suggest lemon water. Lemon water has a natural acidity to it which helps remove fatty acids in the system and create balance during digestion. Also, continuing to drink water throughout the day, and reducing drinks that create dehydration (coffee, tea, or other energy drinks) will help. This brings us to my second tip.  2.    Let’s talk about why you might be…

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