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5 Comedy Clubs That Will Cure Your State of Mind

By Imaan Jalali   Despite what you may hear, life isn’t easy. To get anywhere worth going, you have to put in the work, and usually for long hours at a time. Hopefully, you love your job, but if you don’t, you’re probably highly skilled at clock-watching until your favorite time of the day, 5:00 p.m. Heaven forbid you have to work overtime. It kind of sounds depressing because, well, it is. For the ones who find their putative purpose in life, the flowers bloom, the sun shimmers, and the cows are milked all day. For the rest, who are stuck with milk-less cows, the best option is to buy goats. While on this journey of life, though, not everything has to be a downer, so buck up. You are allowed to chortle, guffaw, cackle, or, put simply, laugh every once in a while. Southern California is teeming with comedy clubs, pending the fulfillment of a two-drink (or food item) minimum, that will cure your state of mind, at least temporarily.   *Flappers Comedy Club Locations in Burbank and Claremont The clubs, both in Burbank and Claremont, are known for being very clean, but anything but sterile. There are…

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