The Raymond 1886 Introduces New “Wealth & Hellness” Summer Cocktail Menu

Namaste, health nuts and Zen masters! Are you seeking to live your best life? Well, the medicine men and women at The Raymond 1886 have a plethora of miracle potions to cure whatever ails you! Situated inside The Raymond 1886, the historic craftsman cottage turned acclaimed restaurant in Pasadena, 1886 invites guests to put down the kale smoothie and pick-up one of the show stopping new wonder tonics from the all new The Raymond 1886Wealth & Hellness” Summer Cocktail Menu!

“Wealth & Hellness, is our way of getting cheeky with the current fervor of the health movement, specifically the outrageous claims of life changing guarantees,” explains new 1886 Head Barman Cameron Masden, who was handpicked by predecessor Peter Lloyd Jones to take the helm at 1886. “Now it’s our opportunity to create and showcase the life potions we stand by here at 1886.” However, before anyone orders that shipment of reiki-infused crystals, all potential concoctions must go through the signature The Raymond 1886 “5-palate rule” test. Once a cocktail has a name and a story behind its creation, it must be approved by five people that have been through the 1886 bar program. “The 5-palate rule test is an essential tradition to our creative process and how we select our cocktails,” explains Masden. “Particularly with this new menu, as we are introducing many new contributors.” The Raymond 1886‘s new “Wealth & Hellness” Summer Cocktail Menu features eleven cocktails by eleven contributors, each one with their own unique touch that would make any woo-woo snake oil wielding guru proud.

Imagine yourself on a journey to balance the mind, body and soul. You are one with nature deep in the heart of the Amazon, the motherland of the acai berry, also known as Purple Gold, an antioxidant rich cocktail created by Abby Peoples comprised of Orgeat, Vida Mezcal, homemade blueberry bliss syrup, and lemon juice. For centuries humans have searched in vain for the key to everlasting life: Herodotus and the fountain of youth, Alexander the Great trekked through the Land of Darkness on a quest for the promised “Water of Life”, while legend has it Ponce De Leon searched in vain for the healing waters of Bimini. What if the secret was in Pasadena all along? Emma Sleath has discovered the elixir of the 1886 gods in Carol Does a Juice Cleanse featuring Vida mezcal, house-made strawberry-kiwi syrup, lime juice, and egg white with Xocoatl mole bitters. Continue on this mystical journey with a stop in paradise where fossils of the modern coconut were found in Australia and India, packing amino acids and immune system restoration properties sure to give you the boost you need to realign your spirit, body and mind. Enjoy the tropical Happy Place created by Peter Lloyd Jones, with Clement Canne Bleue, house-made coconut mix, mango purée, a Wray & Nephew Float, lime juice, vanilla syrup, mint sprig and fresh cinnamon.

Face forward, slowly lean in, and position the Cocktail of Life from your mind’s eye into your hands directly center of your body. Take a sip of the refreshing Cat Cow prepared by Miguel Perez and yield to the powers of this grass-fed Vodka based cocktail made with Black Cow Vodka, Chareau Liqueur, simple syrup, lemon juice, pinch o’ salt and tonic water. Time to heal that root chakra, brah! Ground your feet, take in your environment, and imbibe in a cocktail that will leave you floating in a heightened state of consciousness. The decadence awaits you as Adam Vaughn presents the fizzy, foamy, funky Chakra Rocka Root Beer Fizz Float Bath comprised of Lemon Hart 151, Root Beer Liquor, gin, vanilla syrup, cream, egg white and soda, served with a cherry garnish. Embody your light without stepping into the sun, drink one every night, to drink yourself young. Berries for the brain, and never enough rum, drink a few of these to increase your fun. From Cameron Masden, the Open Heart, Happy Mind includes Cammy Poo’s Rum Blend, pineapple juice, berry purée, lemon juice and condensed milk cream with a heavy cinnamon garnish.

In every civilization there has been one family member held in the highest esteem for their mystical abilities and sage wisdom: the grandmother. My Grandma’s Iced Tea is a tribute to Nathan Baker’s grandmother’s secret family recipe, from the medicinal powers of mint down to the scotch and soda gram-gram slipped into it, featuring Laphroaig 10, house-infused mint-tea scotch, Bergamot Bitters, lemon juice, honey and club soda. A slightly modified juice fast that is often used for rapid weight loss, anti-aging, anti-anxiety, as well as an antidepressant, the Kentucky Detox created by Becca Kmieciak has been tested and approved since the 18th century by millions of people all around the world. Incorporating pecan-infused Elijah Craig bourbon, NaCL H2O, vanilla Demerara syrup, walnut liqueur and Angostura Bitters, this liquid diet provides a healthy serving of calories, the gift of sustainable life and motivation to rid yourself of the toxic relationships in your life! Head east for the Williamsburg, a cocktail inspired by both borough and classic libation, and go on a magical self-voyage to the hipster epicenter of New York City, surrounded by free-thinking vinyl record stores and peaceful hot yoga studios. Jesus Gomez swears by his new sensational brew made with Carpano Antica, Cio Ciaro, Dr. Byrd Jamaican Rum, Batavia Arrack, and lemon peel as the garnish.

The work day is officially done, yet your phone and inbox are blowing up; time to throw on the Do Not Disturb mode and prevent the boss from trying to encroach on your valuable Me Time. Presented by Ned Kirby, the Me Time is the perfect cocktail to sip as you book that yoga retreat or spa day, combining Amaro Angeleno, Aperol, Woodford Rye and cracked cucumber. Make sure to also savor that precious me time as it is integral for you as it is for the safety of all those around you. Daniel-san only achieved true Zen over Johnny Cobra Kai’s nefarious tactics through his apprenticeship with Master Mr. Miyagi. Find the Zen in everything be it fishing, bonsai trimming, vintage automotive restoration or knocking back the Wax on, Wax off concocted by Luis Nava, featuring Akashi UME, Chikoisan Sake, Amaro Nonino, Ki No Bi gin, a Crème Yvette rinse and fi- cinnamon bitters. Train mentally, physically and spiritually, and you will be prepared for whatever obstacle life throws at you!

Take a whiff of your toxin-free essential oil aromatherapy and channel your intentions to take advantage of The Raymond 1886 Happy Hour. From 11:30 am until 7:00 pm every Tuesday through Friday, guests can partake in $5.00 Wines by the glass, $4.00 Draft Beer and Half-Price Well Drinks. Additionally, a daily Specialty Cocktail selected by the bartender is available for $7.00 each. An extensive Bar Snacks Menu designed by Executive Chef Tim Guiltinan is also Half-Price during Happy Hour, enticing guests with hearty dishes like Tuna Muffuletta with spicy creole olive salad and grilled bread, Salmon Creek Pork Belly with pickled and roasted cipollini, fried apple purée, fennel, and Korean chimichurri, or the Bone Marrow with creamed corn, beef cheek marmalade and toasted bread.

While none of these cocktails have been tested or verified by the FDA, The Raymond 1886 “Wealth & Hellness” Summer Cocktails are prescribed by those who wish to share these wondrous miracle cures with the world. Sit back, drink up and enjoy the new and improved you at The Raymond 1886!

The Raymond 1886 is open for Lunch every Tuesday through Friday from 11:30 am to 2:30 pm, for Dinner every Tuesday through Sunday from 5:30 to 10:00 pm, and for Brunch every Saturday and Sunday from 9:00 am to 2:30 pm. 1886 is open every Sunday, Tuesday through Thursday from 11:30 am to 12:00 midnight, and every Friday and Saturday from 11:30 am to 2:00 am. 1886 Happy Hour is every Tuesday through Friday from 11:30 am to 7:00 pm. For more information or reservations, please visit or call The Raymond 1886 directly at 626.441.3136.

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