The Hollywood Athletic Club, established in 1924, was Hollywood’s very first “social club.” It catered to the likes of John Wayne, Charlie Chaplin, Clark Gable, and most of the old Hollywood elite. The architecture of the historic building, even after all these years, is stunning. From the immaculate ceilings, to the grand staircase, and the marble bathroom we are reminded of the attention to detail and high quality materials used in that time period.

The Schlitz Bouts, A Night of Heritage Boxing, took us back in time to the days of ‘ole where dapper dudes and flapper dames dressed in their 1920s best to enjoy a night to remember. The roaring 20s themed night, brought to us by the iconic American beer, Schlitz, offered a 7-piece orchestra, cigar-rolling, boxing card stamping on a century old stamper, dancing, oysters, and four amateur boxing matches.

Of the amateur boxers featured, there were four sanctioned bouts: Lightweight, Welterweight, Middleweight, and Heavyweight. The fights were 3-minute rounds with a maximum of three rounds meaning, fight hard, fight fast, and go for the knock out from the get-go. Throughout the fights the crowd was continuously entertained by the dance troupe, The LA Follies, a classic jazz ensemble orchestra, a barbershop quartet and quintet musical acts. The event even brought out legendary professional boxer “Sugar” Shane Mosley who presented the Heavyweight trophy after the final bout.

John Genest, Brand Manager for Schlitz Brewing states, “The Schlitz Bouts creates a meaningful opportunity to celebrate how the brand and the city were leaders in establishing American industry and culture during the early 20th century.” Anyone looking in would have thought they were witnessing a scene from The Great Gatsby. Everything from the 1920s attire, to the beautiful architecture of the Hollywood Athletic Club, the night was a reminder of the grandeur of that stunning time in history.


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Photos by Jerod Harris/Getty Images for Schlitz Brewing


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