Everyone wants to give his or her furry friend the best experience possible, but when a vacation or business trip arises, it can be hard to find a trustworthy pet boarding service. Fear not pet parents, here are five of the most luxurious pet services offered in Southern California.


Located slightly north of Burbank, Paradise Ranch aims to give your dog the most fun vacation possible. It is equipped with a signature water park, which includes swimming pools, waterfalls and water fountains; a courtyard and a slumber party style sleeping room. The ranch offers a multitude of services such as day care, overnight stays, grooming and even birthday parties. Priced at $74 for one night for one pet, the Paradise Ranch will give your pup the best service in the San Fernando Valley.

Address: 10268 La Tuna Canyon Rd., San Fernando Valley



It’s the doggie Disneyland of SoCal: Canyon View Ranch provides many different “lands” for its residents, like Wonderland and Munchkinland. Nestled in the Topanga hills, above gorgeous Malibu, this ranch is home to 5 acres of pools, parks, tunnels and more, all to give your best friend the experience of a lifetime-and only for $70 per night per dog.

Address: 1558 Will Geer Rd, Topanga



For those on the feline side, the Cat-Villa Boutique offers exclusive cat lodging-no birds, no dogs. The hotel, located in Encinitas, gives your cat a home environment. It includes an outdoor pavilion with a giant cat tree, cage free boarding and entertainment (a TV continuously streaming, relaxing music and fleece blankets) all for only $35 a night.

Address: 1642 Caudor Street, Encinitas



The Barkingham Pet Hotel, though it sounds canine oriented, gives dogs, cats and birds a luxurious night’s sleep. The Palm Desert resort is cage-free and provides obedience and agility classes, grooming, daycare and even a wellness spa. Accommodations range in price and amenities. From junior suites costing $55 a night with just a bed and affection from staff to the Ultra Royal King of Tails glass-block suite at $95 a night with a queen sized bed, TV, webcam and couch. Cat boarding goes for $25 a night and birds are $20. While Barkingham may cost a pretty penny, your perfect pet will be having the time of his/her life

Address: 34550 Spyder Cir, Palm Desert



With two locations in Woodland Hills and Northridge, the Pampered Pet Hotel and Spa is one of the best resorts for your pup to socialize and relax. You can ensure your dog will be safe as all dogs must go through a Temperament Test, must be spayed or neutered and at least six months old. Prices also range depending on room type: the Standard Dog Suite goes for $42.50 a night and includes a deluxe, fleece covered bed, and a  climate controlled room with soft music while the most luxurious Presidential Dog Suite, at $72.50 a night, offers an 80 square foot private room with a 32’ flat screen and a premium bed. For slumber parties, owners could look into the Hound’s Lounge. It holds eight dogs (all who have stayed for a minimum of three nights prior), plush bedding and a 52’ flat screen TV.

Address: 20920 Victory Blvd, Woodland Hills or 9300 Corbin Ave. Northridge



Whether it’s a day, a week or a month, these lavish hotels will give your pet the most love possible.  So while you vacation, you can be confident your pet is in good hands and also has the time of his or her life.

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